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Meet your trainers Ben, Biba and Greg

Solution Focused Possibilities (SFP) was founded by A. Biba Rebolj, Ben Scott and Greg Oberbeck, a trio of SF practitioners, brought together by our shared love for the Solution Focused approach and desire to continue innovating as we observe and learn from one another's practice.

Our mission is to inspire the next wave of SF practitioners by trying out new ways of working, entering new fields, and empowering others, whilst always keeping our SF training practical, creative and time-efficient.

We are delighted you are here and welcome you on our journey together!

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"I was actually really sceptical because it seemed far too simple. I thought that this is not how you solve problems but it turns out that it is!" - Andrej, Education

"This training made me feel liberated, lighter and these tools gave me so much more freedom" - Irena, Youth Behavioural Support

"When I work with a client now, I feel less pressure to provide the answer to the client" - Tina, Social Worker