What will you learn

This training explores the history and core elements of the approach, what makes it distinctive from other ways of working and why it’s a good fit for both you and your clients. What’s more, you will leave the training with multiple ‘top tips’ on how to start using Solution Focused ideas to create positive change right away.

What is SF?

We'll explore a bit about the history of SF and what makes this approach different to others.

What are the benefits?

We'll discuss how this approach can be beneficial to both you and your client.

How can I start using this now?

We'll share with you some top tips on how you can start using this in your work straight away.


30 day money back guarantee.

Meet your trainers

'Practical, creative and time efficient Solution Focused conversation training, supporting clients to discover a brighter future'

Solution Focused Possibilities (SFP) is a trio of SF practitioners A. Biba Rebolj, Ben Scott and Greg Oberbeck continuing to innovate, observe and learn from practice.

Our mission is to inspire the next wave of SF practitioners by trying out new ways, entering new fields, and inspiring others, whilst always keeping the SF approach and our teaching simple.

We are delighted you are here and are welcoming you on our journey together!