This Introduction to Solution Focused Practice will give you a comprehensive overview of the Solution Focused approach and teach you how to start using it. Our training contains video lessons with accompanying PDFs and real life recordings of sessions.

Solution Focused Practice is an invaluable approach that will help you facilitate useful conversations in whatever area you find yourself working.

This PLUS course also includes a one hour group coaching call to discuss what you have learnt or answer any questions you may have about the solution focused approach. This may also be a useful time to discuss any specific cases you're currently working on. Information on the coaching call can be found at the end of the course.

Join the growing group of professionals using SFP

Our training can benefit anyone who works with people in any sector or industry.

"I was actually really sceptical because it seemed far too simple. I thought that this is not how you solve problems but it turns out that it is!" - Andrej, Education

"This training made me feel liberated, lighter and these tools gave me so much more freedom" - Irena, Youth Behavioural Support

"When I work with a client now, I feel less pressure to provide the answer to the client" - Tina, Social Worker

Course Curriculum

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